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Top Hiring Challenges in Engineering and How Carr Talent Brings the A-Players into Your Company

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Challenge #1: Skilled Labor Shortage:

The shortage of skilled workers is perhaps the most significant challenge in engineering. The aging workforce exacerbates this issue as experienced workers retire faster than new ones enter the field.

Solved by Carr Talent - With Our Entice and Compel Method!

Unlike other recruiters, we reach out to HUNDREDS of potential candidates who look great for the job with calls, texts, emails. You need a big quantity funnel to get the 3-5 candidates who are highly qualified and interested by the time we send them your way, attracting the very best with our highly trained recruiters expert in compelling A-Players away from their current companies and into yours.

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Challenge #2:

Technology has evolved more in the last 5 years than ever before in engineering and employers have an increasing need to find specialized talent.

Solved by Carr Talent - With Our Advanced Search and Filter Functions & Discerning Recruiters!

With our expensive but super effective software, along with our highly discerning recruiters and AI, we carefully search, keyword, and identify potential candidates who have the exact technical knowledge you need. Our discerning recruiters then make sure the skills and knowledge are there with our unique and thorough interviewing technique.

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Challenge #3:

Employees' longevity in the role and the companies are shrinking and you end up hiring again and again wasting valuable time and resources.

Solved by Carr Talent - With Our Focus on Core Values & Company Culture Matching to Ensure Long-Term Fits!

We realize that for a good long-term fit you need people in your company who share your same core values and would thrive in your company culture. We know how to search and vet for those who have an alignment in these important ways and we dig in hard with questions on what makes a winning culture for each individual and then confirm the match.


Top Benefits of Partnering with CARR Talent

We search out and target the Top Talent

We don't just post ads as other recruiters do We actively seek out the best, ensuring they are not just available but best in class and eager to join your team. 90% of our hires come from us finding A-Players and getting their attention turned to you.

Perfect Fit Guarantee

Our 90 day AND one-year guarantee policy reflects our commitment to finding the perfect match for your needs, ensuring long-term success.

White Glove Service

we are a full-service agency doing everything for you from sourcing to negotiating the contract depending on your needs

Competitive Pricing

We are straight, low cost,, no-surprises flat fee that is well below the over-priced 25%-30% of first year income most other recruiters charge.


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Hear From Thrilled Clients

Who have experienced transformative hiring success with our partnership.

“I've partnered with Carr Talent successfully in hiring excellent people for many levels of positions for our projects. They are very talented, aggressive, and quite frankly easy to work with. Their professionalism in executing quickly and to specification is on point.”
Joe Patch IV
Founder of Confio Group (Energy/Oil & Gas industry)

Solutions we provide

How CARR Talent Addresses Engineering Hiring Challenges

Full-Service Hiring

From permanent placements to executive search, our services are tailored to meet the unique demands of the Engineering Industry. Our talented recruitment leads work with our clients every step of the way, from creating job descriptions, recommending best practice interview processes, and administering assessments.

Continual, Tight Communication

We keep you updated with weekly progress reports, ensuring transparency, consistency and great partnership throughout the recruitment process.

Sales Training

Sales Training and Optimization as needed for any size of sales force

Workforce Planning

Do you know your hiring plan for the next 5-10 years? You need to. We’ll help.

About Us


Introduction to CARR Talent & Why We are So Successful at Hiring in Engineering

Our Story: CARR Talent is a national hiring and HR agency servicing Fortune 500 companies and a passion for the small/mid sized business owner.

We utilize an “entice then evaluate” method to find, compel and assess growth-minded A-Players for companies who want to grow, with white-glove service and guarantees of 90 and days and one YEAR at a significantly lower cost than other recruiters

Industries Served:

Why CARR Talent?

We Hire Growth-Minded People for Businesses Who Want to Grow - people who want to grow personally, professionally, and to the benefit of your business.

We ENTICE THEN EVALUATE A-PLAYERS. We reach out to hundreds of qualified people to get you 3-5 minimum qualified and highly interested candidates to choose from. 90% of hires come from us finding, compelling, assessing & enticing then evaluating

We Provide Done With You White-Glove Customer Service Tools, unlimited consulting, and building out your own hiring process for you

We Guarantee our Hires for 90 Days and also ONE YEAR!

Matching Beyond Skills: Our use of the Predictive Index Tool allows us to evaluate candidates on essential soft skills and personality traits that ensure a good fit.

We offer a 25% discount on each hire after the 1st hire!

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